Welcome to Little Savanna



Our journey is one of two cultures, whose passion for food is shared. Little Savanna is the bringing together of our cultures, where mouth-watering seasonal food has been engineered. We have a zest for fresh seafood and unashamedly love meat, particularly those cuts that are flame grilled, which sets us apart in the Manawatu. The finest and freshest of New Zealand’s ingredients are sourced and prepared for you here at Little Savanna.

For those of you who have South Africa on your bucket list, the Little Savanna experience will give you a taste of South Africa with the best of NZ service and produce. Catering not only for those of you who love meats and seafood, we are vegetarian friendly too and also have gluten free options.

It is our duty to make your experience with us an unforgettable one by providing you with the trifecta in dining – sumptuous, generous portions at great value with outstanding service, all in a wonderful setting. 

Do join us, as all of our journeys continue, either in our jovial bar, our bustling restaurant, or relax in our al fresco courtyard, we would love to see you.